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Located on the mediterranean sea coast, close to France and Italy, Monaco is often considered as a heaven for its art of living, warm climate,  prestigious events and exceptional level of security.

Additionally, in some cases, individuals who live at least 6 months per year in Monaco and have a resident status are under a tax system among the most advantageous worldwide :
- no income tax
- no wealth tax
- no housing tax
- no property tax
- no capital gain tax
- no inheritance tax

These rules apply upon certain conditions and require a decision from Monaco administration in order to become a resident.

My name is Stéphane COSTE, I am a french lawyer based in south of France, next to Monaco. I can provide an  assistance to the persons interested in becoming Monaco resident in the whole process involved with Monaco administration, from a free personal consultancy about their situation regarding taxes until getting the resident status.

If you wish, you are welcome to contact me :
- on my office phone :
00 33 4 91 33 09 74 (standard)
00 33 4 91 54 07 25 (direct line)
- on my mobile phone : 00 33 6 17 93 27 97
- by email : costeavocat@yahoo.fr

For my full contact details, please click here


About Monaco / Monaco tax system / Services / Links / Contact details